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Frequently Asked Questions
   Please read the information below if you have any questions for us. We shall attempt to address every topic here, minimizing the need for you to send in the Contact Us form.
Whats Up Biker
  • Is there a charge or cost here?
  •   This is a FREE website to all of our visitors. Users of this website pay NOTHING for any of our services or information. Only advertisers pay. They are how we can bring you a professional and complete Motorcycle Event Listings website. If you see an ad of interest, we encourage you to click on it. However, we DISCOURAGE you from clicking mulitple times on any one or more ads, simply for the purpose of "padding the stats". These actions are counter-productive and threaten our relationship with the advertiser.
  • Where do the listings come from?
  •   Good question! Some listings are posted by the event's host. Most listings are posted by WUB staff, gathered from various and asundry sources on the Internet(ie . . . other Internet event listing websites). Most of the time, the actual origin of the posting is unknown.
  • How reliable is the listing info?
  •   As we state in number 6. of our Policy page,' . . we cannot assure the accuracy . . .' ergo CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let the buyer beware! Having said that, we can say that we make every effort to verify the information thru online research. We do not normally call or email the host, IF that info is even available.(but we have!)
      For example, much of the time, when you see a flyer with the listing, it is because we located it and included it for you with the listing. Sometimes, when a listing doesn't pass the "smell" test, you may find a Webmaster Note: in the description area of the listing.
      We here at WUB, may not give you every bit of info available for a listing, but we do give you every bit we can find!
      BOTTOM LINE: check your facts before you leave home!
  • Is every listing verified before going online for us to see?
  •   Often we have so many new listings, we cannot do our normal research in a timely manner. We feel it is more important for you to know WHATEVER we know about an event now, than to hide an event listing until we can administratively verify it. So they will be available, however, we do flag them NOT YET VERIFIED in big red letters for you when viewing the listing. Again: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  • Why are some listings at other websites and not here?
  •   One BIG reason is other websites include what is determined to be nothing but an ADVERTISEMENT for the alleged event 'Host'! We don't think we should be including a m/c dealership's special 20% off week as an EVENT, for example! Our definition of an Event does not include promoting a vendor advertisement. Ads, at this website, are found on the margins of the webpage, not within the content. They are clearly understood as ads.
      Further, we do not promote CAR shows or anything not spefically motorcycle-related. It doesn't have to be ONLY motorcycle-related, but must at least publicly include & promote motorcycles to be listed here.
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